Formulas and prices

Solo, in pairs or in groups, how to choose what suits me?

1- Solo:

I take full advantage of a teacher focused solely on me
I do not hesitate to ask him questions and I do not feel embarrassed when I’m wrong
I’m going at my pace

2- In pairs:

The teacher is concentrated on only two students
I can ask him my questions and take advantage of my friend’s questions
a good competition settles between my comrade and me and that pulls us up
I register with a friend or relative with whom I can review outside class time or al-Wassilah will choose for me a peer of equivalent level which will allow me to make a new acquaintance and help us out of class
I take advantage of a reduced price compared to the solo formula

3- In a group:

I belong to a class as if I were in an institute abroad
I take advantage of questions asked by my friends and their possible mistakes
a healthy emulation settles in the group and encourages us to provide more effort, I progress faster
I register with a group of friends or relatives or al-Wassilah will compose the class with people of my level.
I make new acquaintances, we help each other out of class and we encourage each other
I get the best price, so I save money or I can afford to take more hours of classes.

How many hours per week ? I choose the formula most suited to my abilities and my daily life

The “busy” formula

My daily is already full and I have little free time, the formula “busy (e)” will take me only 2 hours / week, I will advance so step by step will not lose the course.

The “intermediate” formula

I want to move quickly but my personal / professional obligations do not allow me to devote myself completely to studies, the intermediate formula will allow me to study 4 hours / week, I would have the opportunity to compose between my revisions and my daily life with confidence

The “researcher of science” formula

It’s decided, I want to move quickly but I can not travel abroad for now. The research scientist formula will offer me a rhythm almost equivalent to that of an institute in Egypt. With 8 hours of classes / week my progress is seen from one week to another and the Arabic language is part of my daily life. Soon, I could enjoy the books and courses of great scholars إن شاء الله